Outcast Reboot HD en KickStarter.

Pues no se si muchos conocéis este pedazo de juego de 1999.

Para mí, fue uno de los mejores juegos que he probado, me costó bastante conseguirlo, solo tengo el cd y el manual, y fue en una tienda donde alquilaban los juegos, ya podéis imaginar cómo está.

Pues bien, se está realizando el kickstarter para realizar la versión mejorada, con lo mismo de antes, que ya era un montón y gráficos mejorados.

A continuación os pongo un vídeo de la versión original:

Tiene un BSO de escándalo, os pongo una lista con la soundtrack completa:

Enlace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB4znLQQeaY&list=PLD0B96361EFA15F44

éste es el vídeo del kickstarter, sale algo de los gráficos renovados de esta pedazo de obra maestra: http://youtu.be/uAHGYGcFkrc

Bueno, y ahora los datos de y los goals del proyecto:

En un inicio, la empresa que creo el juego fue infogrames con la distribución a cargo de Ubisoft, ahora lo está desarrollando la empresa Fresh3D, la verdad no conozco nada de ella.

Enlace del kickstarter: Outcast Reborn HD

Initial goal 600k : Outcast Reboot HD, Windows PC

As a PC gamer you know this platform has always been a center for creativity, openness and innovation. This is the place Outcast was born in, and it is the place we will make this new experience happen first and foremost. Experience Outcast with gorgeous brand-new HD visuals:
All objects, textures, environments and characters entirely remade from scratch in hi-definition.
Targets 1080p @ 60fps, and supports beyond HD
Enhanced adventure:
. Annoying story bugs removed
. Improved HUD
. Improved inventory
. Improved notepad
. Improved dialog interface
New Cutter locomotion, control and animations
New camera control
Xbox and PS4 controller (and other compatible) support on Windows

Stretch goal 750k : Mac/Linux

Our friends on Mac and Linux will now be able to be part of this incredible journey.
But that’s not all ! Everyone please enjoy this new extra content :
Reworked animations for all characters
New facial rig and lipsynch for all characters
Introducing the Oil subquest in Motazaar
. Enjoy a brand new subquest that never got implemented in the original game.

Stretch goal 950k: Nextgen enhancements

Now let’s talk some serious shit. Your PC is a monster and you can’t wait to show your friends how good Outcast can look when we crank the graphics up to 11 ? Check this out:
Introducing new dynamic weather effects
Snow in Ranzaar was quite good in the original game, but what about occasional sandstorms in Talanzaar, rain showers in Shamazaar, or even a good storm in Okasankaar. Enjoy a wealth of new dynamic weather effects all around Adelpha, and that, of course, includes awesome crunchy fresh snow in Ranzaar!
Geometry shader based grass and vegetation
Individual grass blades and leaves simulation to see and feel the breeze in the fields.
Rigid body physics objects simulation.
All decoration objects to behave with rigid body physics simulation. Imagine how a combat in the markets of Talanzaar would look with that feature !
Full HDR pipeline
High quality anti aliasing, AO and DOF
Post effects extravaganza
And that’s not all ! Because we think extra content matters, we offer you:
Introducing new exploration rooms inside Shamazaar temples !
Ever wondered what was inside the Shamazaar temples, where the paths ending at walls lead to? The ancients built an underground network inside and below the temples and it will now be unlocked for you to discover.
Introducing the Remote Camera.
A new gadget in Cutter’s arsenal. Sneak into a soldiers’ camp and place the camera strategically, now with PiP you can remotely follow enemies patterns and behaviors while attacking their weakest point.

Stretch goal 1M: VR support

Talk about immersion! Anyone who has tried the Oculus Rift will tell you, this is the next evolution in term of immersive gaming. What better reward for reaching this stretch goal and supporting VR interfaces than having:
Rideable Ventilopes!
See Adelpha from a new perspective, ride Ventilopes in full immersive VR and feel the void below while flying!

Stretch goal 1.35M: Next-gen consoles

You prefer gaming in your couch, on the big TV? We love that too. Help us move this fantastic game, with next-gen HD visuals, to the living room by bringing one of the best adventure ever on the new generation of consoles ! At this point you get Morpheus support too !
Wait, you dislike consoles? Then read about the great enhancements the PC and MAC versions get along with this nice stretch goal!
Cloth and ropes simulation
If we reach this goal, we’ll design all clothes and ropes using real physics real-time simulation.
Compute shader dynamic water
Swimming in Outcast was cool. Now forget about visual tricks, the power of modern GPU allows for computing actual forces and move bodies of water like the real thing.
7.1 Sound effects
New content is king, and for this goal we are providing you with:
Brand new introduction movies
. Forget about the old SD intro video. Using top notch motion graphics and the newly redesigned high-definition characters, we will make a brand new and classy introduction movie.
. Along with the intro movie, we will redesign a back-story movie (also using motion graphics) that explains, from the Talan point of view, the Coming of the Ulukai. This movie will be used for promoting the game when it comes out to the general public.
New game music !
Lennie Moore (the composer of the outstanding Outcast original music) will compose 15 minutes of new extra original music. The new music will feature (among others) brand new combat themes, and a new exploration theme for the Shamazaar undergrounds. The new music will be recorded using top notch studio samples.

Stretch goal 1.7M: A new world: Kizaar

Kizaar is the women Island. It's city O-Lanta is nested inside the old conduit of a dormant volcano. Thousands of moons ago, the conduit collapsed and it is now flooded with salted water infiltrating inside from the surrounding ocean. Only women and children are allowed to live on the island, except when the young Talan males go there once in their lifetime to breed.
The city of O-Lanta has a very specific architecture with fine ornamentation. With it's numerous channels, boats are the main mean of transportation.

We cannot help but think with your help we could build an entirely new world on top of the redesigned original. Designed to take fully advantage of the new technology and character designs, and providing you with an entirely new region to explore, discover and interact with, this stretch goal will also feature brand new quests and dialogs.
Let’s pave the way towards Outcast II, together:
A brand new world, unconstrained
The shapes of the original worlds will be greatly enhanced as we don’t have the same convexity constraint anymore. However we will need to preserve most of the ground terrain features to maintain some of the data for enemies covers and the like. This brand new region however can be build without these limitation. Prepare to be blown away by the new generation of Outcast environments !
New specific quests and gameplay
Kizaar the women island, and its wonderful city O-Lanta, is full of mysteries and legends. Immerse yourself into this amazing region and discover a new face of Talan society.
New recorded dialogs (audio in English only, with subtitles for other languages)
That’s not all ! The original orchestral soundtrack was awesome, and of course we want more !
Orchestral soundtrack
. 15 Minutes of new music specifically created for Kizaar.
. All of the 30 minutes of new music (previous goal + this goal) will be recorded with a live symphony orchestra (like the original game’s music was) !

Physical rewards

Ulukai key holder
Image coming soon
Cutter mini statuette
Image coming soon
Exclusive backer T-Shirt
Image coming soon
Cutter riding Twon-Ha statuette
Image coming soon
Cutter fighting Gorgor statuette
Arg, we don't want to spoil the new Gorgor design, sorry
Outcast Backpack
Image coming soon
Pyro-engraved Adelpha leather map

Cutter torso and head statuette

A partir de 14.5€ ( precio limitado) tenemos la versión digital y después pues podemos encontrarnos con armas con nuestro nombre grabado, sitios donde aparecen los nombres de los mecenas, camisetas, versión física, poder entrar en los foros de los desarrolladores para dar ideas, poder entrar en la beta y muchas más movidas, pero todo esto lo podemos ver desde el enlace del kickstarter.

Pledges table

Pues no sé si necesitáis más info, pero dentro del kickstarter se puede ver todo lo demás =)

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